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End of Life Care, Somerset & North Somerset

End of Life Care - Somerset & North Somerset

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A broad range of partners from across the public, voluntary and independent sectors have been working together in Somerset and North Somerset to improve end of life care services for their residents.

Developed as part of the Marie Curie Delivering Choice Programme, this website provides further information regarding the range of services that are available to end of life care patients and how these may be accessed, together with practical advice and information regarding the support available to those who are caring for someone with a terminal illness.

This information will allow patients to make choices at various stages of their illness and enable them to plan the care they would like to receive when nearing the end of their life.


Please note there are a number of documents within this site are pdf documents. This means you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader software. To be able to download this software for free, please use the following link to the Adobe website.


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